Deal with depression

Feelings of depression

Are you suffering feelings of depression?


How do we recognise if we are suffering depression or just having a bad day? It is very easy to confuse everyday stresses and anxieties that we all suffer from at some time or another with the more serious case of actual depression.

Depression can be caused by any number of situations and there are often underlying causes relating back to a person’s past and particularly their childhood.

So are you just feeling a little stressed or are you actually suffering from a more serious form of depression?

Symptoms of depression

There are many symptoms of depression that can creep up on us and start to take over our lives.

  • Morbid thoughts that come out of nowhere such as driving along the road and not caring if you have a crash
  • Feeling that your life is worthless, you are no good to anyone
  • Feeling that nobody cares about you and wouldn’t be bothered if you were around or not
  • The inability to make decisions
  • Procrastination. Putting everything off until later, even simple household chores
  • Not wanting to socialise. Not wanting to see family and friends
  • Not be able to sleep, or sleeping too much. Lying down in bed rather than doing anything else
  • Lack of energy. No motivation to exercise anymore.

These are just some of the symptoms of depression. Every one is an individual and depression will be different for each and every one of us.

Keep a diary

Start to keep a daily diary of how you are feeling each day and try to assess your emotions. Do you notice that your days are more frequently taken up with worry and anxiety? Are there less and less happy thoughts being written down on your pages? Are you spending more and more time alone? When was the last time you enjoyed yourself with your friends.

Keep you diary for two weeks. If you realise that your diary is showing constant dark feelings, or they are becoming more frequent, it may be time to visit your doctor and take a depression test to see if you need some medical help.

A Depression Test

When you visit your doctor explain how you feel and they should offer you a depression test. This will be a simple test that will help to identify your symptoms. It is important to take this test as ignoring the problem and sinking into full blown depression can have dangerous consequences.

If you doctor analyses that you are suffering from depression don’t worry. You are now on the first stage to recovery as help should be offered.

Please whatever you do, do not sit and suffer alone in silence. Depression is a serious medical issue and you should not ignore it.

Get help and look forward to a bright positive you once again.


Author: Angie Taffs

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